Thanks Brian for the entry, your a good man and a good friend.

Brian's comments brought to light the eatery that I consider "the" spot that Neil and I went to together, In and Out Burger.

I really don't know why I associate that with Neil but in my head that's the way it is. It could be that I always had it on my trips to San Diego and the majority of the time Neil was the one taking me. Good stuff, kinda simple but wasn't that just like Neil? Simple yeah, but man you could customize that simple burger into an Animal Style. Something that left a lasting reminder for a long time. Something that you were really glad you had the chance to taste because you were so surprised that such a simple thing could be so good.

I think it would do us all good to make some memories now with our family and friends, rather than letting too much time pass.

You just never know what life brings you... or takes away.



This website is dedicated to my brother Neil Hepburn who was killed by a drunk driver.

Neil was tragically killed in a head-on collision while on his way home from work. The drunk driver who hit him was driving in excess of 90mph and on the wrong side of HWY 52 in the early morning hours, Sept 7th 2007 in San Diego CA.

The toxicology report showed the drunk drivers BAC was .21 which is almost three times the legal limit in California. If this wasn't bad enough, the drunk driver also had a THC content of 5+ ng/ml meaning she was also high on Marijuana.

Neil was only one exit away from home after working a ten hour shift as a Border Patrol Agent Supervisor.

This website is a repository of media showing the dedication Neil had to family, friends and community. Neil was an exceptional man who accomplished so much and helped so many. I can only hope that the viewers of this site can see what a truly great husband, father, son, brother and friend he was to all.

I miss you Neil, you'll always be my lil bro